The life and times of Third Pull Apparel: How we began. (Part 1 of 3)

Did you ever wonder where Third Pull came from or how we started on this crazy roller coaster ride? Well, you are in luck.

When I come across a clothing company for the first time (while creeping IG or FB), I always wonder how they started or where they came from. Not because I co-own a clothing company, but simply because I'm curious how they came up with the idea to do what they do.  And....I believe that the people that purchase clothing from said company should know where it all began. So here goes nothing. 

It was actually Mike's idea.  Most of you will never meet Mike due to the nature of his day job, but he's the brains.  When people refer to right/left side brained thinkers, he is the whole left side.  

Mike messaged me over FB one random ass night and literally said "we should start a T-shirt company.  You want to start a t-shirt company with me?" My response: "Yup".  From there, we spent the night coming up with company names, going back and forth and what would be our logo, then we came to the decision of "Third Pull" referencing the last pull in the two olympic lifts (Snatch/Clean and Jerk).  There was no other company called that, it sounded cool, so we ran with it.  We had a tax ID through the state the next day and then were on the hunt for a logo.   

SIDE BAR: If a business owner tells you that everything went great from the get go, and they had no issues they are lying through they're pearly whites.  

Things were not perfect. We thought after about two months that it was not catching on and that we weren't going anywhere (potentially on the borderline of failure).  We had ideas of granger and those were slowly fizzing away.  But we had a breath of life when we released the "Shankle Sock". 

From there, things just started to fall in to place...with a decent amount of hiccups.

You may be asking yourself "why the hell is he divulging so much info right now, and why the hell do I care?" To answer that: 1. We just want you to know our roots.  2. You might not give a hoot, but thats ok. We won't like you any less.

So there it is.  In a big ass nutshell. I hope you enjoyed this reading and the blogs that we'll be posting in the future.