Adidas Crazy Power TR Review

MY ADIDAS!!!! Yeah, like the Run DMC song, I have an extreme longing for ADIDAS shoes.  But this is not about my addiction to this European based shoe company, its about the new ADIDAS Crazy Power TR Trainer.

This shoe is ADIDAS's answer/response to the Reebok Nano and Nike Metcon.  It blows my mind that this shoe would be released since ADIDAS is the parent company of Reebok...but there are other perplexing things in this world.  

First off...lets point out the obvious:  This thing is down right sexy.  I think its the gum sole that attracted me to it, but the all black and split white heel that resembles a tasty white/black cookie, is the icing on the cake.  But, looks will only take you so far in this world, you gotta have some beef to back it up.  So, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Appearance: Read above.  These were so appealing, I couldn't even wait to accurately review them.  I like the look of this.  All black, gum sole (fire) split white heel, the list goes on.  The toe box is a bit wide for my taste, alike the Reebok Nano (I"m a narrower shoe kinda dude) but still fits the shoes overall look.  It looks like it can take a beating, but there is no "rope tech" or anything on the inner portion of the sole/upper that will provide "grip" on a rope while doing climbs.  If I were to rate this on a scale of 1-FIYA, I'd put it at a 9.  This murdered out shoe would make the Punisher proud.

Comfort: Ok, this is a big thing for me.  I'm on my feet ALL day (no I'm not a waitress in a shitty diner in Lebanon Indiana) so I need comfort.  This bad boy is comfortable.  Sole has enough flex for everything from walking to box jumps, lifting, DU's and other random CrossFit movements. The tongue is SUPER thick, but not in a bad way. It's kinda like that girl you meet and she thick, but still sexy...but thick.  The heel cup has a divot for the ankle to sit perfectly for optimal flexion and extension (thats my two big words for the day).  Overall, rating on a scale of 1-rock these while waiting tables, I'd give them a 9 as well.  I'd rock this to stunt on them bitches, but also as a "functional shoe".

Performance: Not bad.  Its a flexible enough shoe to move around for plyo stuff, weightlifting and such, but not flexy like a Nike Free where you can bend the toe to the insole.  The drop is LOW, so this is a great shoe for power movements, deadlifting, etc. For all you NON mobile people, squatting in this is going to SUCK a big you know what. I feel like it resembles the Reebok Nano 1 U-Form in very many ways....HMMM, I wonder why (Adidas if you are reading this, way to revive the original, without people knowing...but I figured it out.)  The sole is firm, yet giving.  Its not too hard, not too soft. Mind you, I've only worn this once, worked out in it once, so I can NOT speak to the longevity of the shoes durability, but I feel like it will last.  On a scale of 1-Ferrari vs. Honda, I'll give this thing an 8.  It kinda reminds me of the dude who buys a Mitsubishi Eclipse, drops like $5K in aftermarket parts in it to be cool, but its still not BMW or Mercedes.  You are still a buster.  

Ok, so overall, an average of 8-9'ish on this thing.  Its not a bad shoe, but like I've said before, I LOVE my Metcon's.  I'm biased yes, I know, but honestly I'm a fair person.  Its a great alternative to the Metcon and Nano and people will def. ask what you are rockin' which in my opinion is good.  Be yourself, don't buy shit because everyone else does.  If you like Nano's, cool.  If you like Meton's cool.  If you wanna be an individual and you remember how legit your samba's or Stan Smith's were in high school (if you don't know those last two models, then you'd better do some research and stop being a busta') then pick up a pair of these.  On that note, I hope this helped you in your search for comfy, legit, attractive footwear.  I'm out.  Peace fools.