Nike Metcon 3 Review

Alright Sneaker heads, CrossFitter's, Functional Fitness guru's and shoe we go with an  IN DEPTH review of the new Nike Metcon 3.  

I've owned a pair of Metcon's since the first 1's dropped over 2 years ago, and have trained in over 26 pair of 1's and 2's since I'm curious to see how Nike came at it this time!  

The 3rd installment of the Nike designed Crossfit shoe to rival the Reebok Nano, has truly came with straight FIRE.  Some changes have been an entirely new upper, toe and sole, the switch from a plastic polymer heel extension (for HSPU's) to a single piece heel, a redesigned heel cup, new fly-wire technology and last and least, different laces.

Appearance: Right off the bat, this shoe is eye catching to say the least.  Nike has done a great job by improving and evolving the Metcon to stay current with styles and training needs. They've replicated some of the original color ways from the 1's (which I think is pretty rad and gives a retro feel) but added some new ones as well and will have an "amplify" option to compliment the basic version.  The only thing I was NOT pleased with was the laces that come stock on these puppies.  They're dog shit....alike something you'd find laced up at Payless.  My suggestion: find some good 3M laces from either Rope Lace Supply or Lace Lab and tighten up the look on yo' sleds. 

Comfort: After wearing 4 pairs of these already, I can safely say these are the most comfortable Metcon's to date.  The entire shoe seems WAY more flexible, lighter and has a "lower profile" feel that the 1's and 2's did not.  The drop or height seems about the same, but I'm not measuring exacts, so do NOT quote me on that. 

Performance: NO SQUEAKING! If you ever owned 1's, you'd know one of the worst things were that they squeaked when you walked, and that was annoying as shit. The stability from a stiffer heel feels way better for Box Jumps (or any plyo stuff) as well as providing support forward with Olympic lifting.  The sole isn't squishy, but has just enough to feel like you AREN'T working out in Japanese wooden sandals. The sole seems fine on rope climbs, not any different than any other shoes "rope technology"but honestly at the end of the day, a rope will eventually tear your shit up.  The new single heel piece (to replace the 2 piece heel from the 2) works great on HSPU's and allows for slide on a smoothed surface wall/plexi.

BOTTOM LINE: these are the shit.  I pretty much love everything about them and Nike (as usual) kicked serious ass and took names.  If you were a fan of the 1 and 2, then grab a pair, you won't be let down.