Nike Romaleo 3 Review

Not the 1, or the 2...but 3 is the magic number!!!!

The Nike Romaleo 3 is the 3rd (obviously) installment in the weightlifting shoe family. The 2 was highly revered and in my opinion a hard shoe to top, but since Nike is the leader in athletic footwear (I might be slightly bias), you kinda saw something bigger and better coming.

At first glance, this thing looks like the Nike Metcon (a crossfit-esque shoe for those that live under a rock and do not know what a metcon is) and NOTHING like the previous 2 Romaleo's.  But....change is good.  Consumers don't want something they already have...they want what is new....and improved. This is definitely new...and very improved.

Obvious changes are 1 velcro strap as opposed to 2, a more flexible toe, a not as thick upper, a "more" narrow design and my fave...this thing is light AF.  I held both the 2 and 3 (one in each hand) and the difference was astronomical. I did not like that the 2 was heavy and bulky, as well as a little wide (I've got a pretty narrow and little foot).  

So, without further ado, lets get into the fun stuff:

Appearance: This thing is clean...that is the best way to put it.  Very sleek, simple and subtle color ways (4 thus far for males and a few for females).  The Heel looks a bit newer (the height is the same, so don't worry you little in-flexible ankles), but I would expect that in a "new" shoe.  I dig the FLAT white, when it comes to lifting shoes, I think the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) is very applicable. If I were to rate these on a scale, I'd go 10 outta 10 (LEGIT)

Comfort: My feet felt like they were encased in a very firm hand shake.  I know that sounds weird, but some shoes can feel too unstable, squishy and just shitty.  The heel is stiff (but in a good, secure way), the shoe is not super narrow (so, you slim thick feet people don't have to worry).  If I were to rate shoe on a scale, I'd go 8 outta 10.

Performance: I'm no national lifter, I lift because I like it, its fun, it keeps me from being a fat slob and i get to wear cool shit like these shoes.  These felt good.  I'm an adidas guy and these have now become my side dime piece. Lifting felt great.  Not stiff, not uncomfortable, and very solid RIGHT OUT of the BOX. Its seldom you find a pair of any shoes that are good on the first day.  The single velcro strap felt secure, the toe flex was just enough to keep me from feeling like I was rocking clogs and the collar sat right below my ankle, but still felt stable.  If I were to rate performance, I'd give these shits a 9 outta 10.  

All in all, I'd say an average rating of 9 outta 10.  Which for me (cause I'm picky) is a big deal.  I've worn Adidas the last 3 years and this has got me thinking I might leave the safe and secure family life for a ride or die shoe.  If you are not a Nike fan, you may or may not like these.  If you are, you most likely will jizz in your pants when you open this box.